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Lips have more than a million nerve endings but they do not have any kind of defensive membrane for protection. lips do not sweat because lips do not possess sweat glands. Well, sweat glands play a crucial role of moisturizing the skin and since, lips don’t have sweat glands they dry out faster than any other part of the body.

Put in simpler words, the same mucus membrane that forms the inner lining of the mouth also makes the lips. The skin on lips has only 3 to 6 layers of cells compared to 16 layers found in other parts of the skin. This makes the skin pretty transparent.

No sweat glands and no oil equates to vulnerability. This implies that lips are highly exposed to cold, wind and sun. The only way to protect the lips from these natural elements is to use some kind of lip balm. For women, lipsticks work equally well.

Lip cancer is more prevalent in men than in women. This is because men usually don’t use lip balms and using lipsticks is simply out of question for men. Women on the other hand usually use lipsticks that keep their lips protected from harmful UV rays of Sun.

lips grow thinner as you grow old because with aging, the collagen production of body decreases. Collagen is a vital protein and one of its functions is to give shape to the lips. Reduced production of collagen implies that lips start losing their plumpness.

Lips Clipart Images

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