Mustang Horse HD Wallpapers

The Mustang Horse is a Free-Roaming Horse. He was found in the United States and descended to America From Spanish. This horse is often referred as a Wild Horses. The Mustang horse descended from Domesticated Horses.

This post is about Mustang Horse HD Wallpapers. guys you can see here various details of this horse and you can also see here latest images and pictures.

Here I present the various images of Mustang Horse that you can use to change the background image and you can also change the background theme in your mobile. This live wallpaper decorates your phone or tablet screen. Mustang Horse live wallpaper looks amazing on phone, tablet devices as well as on a desktop.

This Mustang horse is also known for their Intelligence and strong deposition.

Characteristics of Mustang Horse

Origin by North America, colonial Spanish

Types of Mustang Horse


Body Types

surefooted, Good Endurance, well proportioned, clean, wide forehead, small Muzzle, Long and sloping shoulder, rounded croup, low set tail, straight and sound legs,


Approximately 15 hands( 56 to 60 inch)


750 pounds


Chestnut, Grey, black, bay, brown and Palamino

Life Span

40 years


Oats and Hay


Classification & Taxonomy

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum chordata
class Mammalia
Species caballus
Genus Equus
Family Equidea
order perissodactyla

Mustang Horse HD Wallpaper

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