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Hello!!! Everybody, Welcome to back our sites. If you find the Swan images then don’t Go anywhere here I provided you regarded  Swan Images Free Download For Desktop Background. So guys looking this article and enjoy this Beautiful Swan pictures under as below.

White Swan is Bird liked by everyone. Guys look here in this article I provided  Beautiful swan look so fascinating whenever swim calmly on water. Have a look these Beautiful pictures of the swan.

Scientific Name Cygnus
Family Anatidae
Class Aves
Mass Mute Swan: 11-12Kg

Black Swan:3.7-9 kg

Whooper Swan: 9.8-11 kg

Wingspan Mute Swan: 2-2.4m

Black Swan:1.6-2m

Whooper Swan:2-2.8m

Symbolic Meaning of Swan

Swan are Birds of the family Anatidae within the Genus Cygnus

  • Love
  • Grace
  • Union
  • Purity
  • Beauty
  • Dreams
  • Balance
  • Elegance
  • Partnership
  • Transformation

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