Zebra Wallpaper Hd Free Download For Desktop Background

Zebra Wallpaper Hd Free Download For Desktop Background

Hello !!! Friends, welcome to back my sites. Hope you doing well. If you want to find Zebra Wallpaper then you are at the right place. Here I will give you in this article details about Zebra Wallpaper Hd Free Download For Desktop Background. You can see here under as below.

Talk about the Zebras are several species of African equids United by their distinctive black and white striped coats. Zebra stripes come in different patterns unique and each Individual. This information is perfect and reliable.

Spaces of Zebras

  • Plains Zebra
  • Mountain Zebra
  • Grev’s Zebra
Species Zebra,(mountain)
Family Equide
Class Mammalias(mammals)
Genus Equas
Height 1-1.5m(3.5-5 ft)
Weight 450kg
Size 5 feet( 1.5 meters)
Life Span 20-30
Color black and white
Habitat Woodlands to open plains
Diet herbivores
Gestation 12 month(Burchell’s), 13 months(Grevy’s)
Predators Lions,Hyenas,Hunting dogs,leopards,cheetas
Charateristics long-legged, taller and heavier, with a massive head and large ears

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